The Storage Place Lien Sale

Per MCA 70-6-601 thru 609, the following units will be sold to the highest bidder at 10:00 AM on January 25, 2020:

  • 5x5x11 Andrea Bartram – purse, kettlebells, table, plastic drawer sets, clothes
  • 10x20 Lyndon Cochran – rugs, chairs, cupboard, misc electronics, hand truck, measuring wheel
  • 5x10 Destinie Doney - tools, kids bikes, small kitchen appliances, misc
  • 10x15 Hoke Galloway – washer & dryer, couches, mattresses, shelf, helium tank, pack n play, suitcase
  • 10x20 Harold Gierke - walker, end tables, extra large tires, large cooler, subwoofer
  • 5x10 Fred Hunter - hot wheels cars (new in boxes), furniture wagon (appears to be new in box), kitchenware, tools, toolboxes, shopvac
  • 10x15 Bernice Jefferson - chairs, luggage, shoes, dresser, dishes, video games & controller
  • 5x5x5 Kenneth Lecompte - totes, fan, brooms
  • 5x8 Marci Limberhand - mattresses, tv, boxes, toys
  • 10x10 Daniel Rogers – vacuum, floor cleaners, brooms/shovels, large mirror, dresser, David's Bridal hanging bag, grill, fishing poles
  • 5x5x11 William Stannard - oven, table saw, sleds, outdoor light fixtures
  • 10x20 Paul Underwood - chop saw, wall art, tool box, saw horses, pickup bed toolbox, ladder, sub woofers, tool chest, sander, battery charger, snow shovel
  • 10x10 Eric Van Zomeren - tools, marine battery, battery charger, mountain bikes
  • 5x8 Donnell White – boxes, tools, electronics, blanket

Bidding will take place at under Billings, MT. Bidding will be open at least 7 days prior to sale date/time. See auction site for details, pictures, and unit locations. The Storage Place reserves the right to remove any items/units from sale. Questions? 206-1637

Direct link to units located at 5504 King Ave E:  Click Here

Direct link to units located at 913 3rd Ave N: Click Here

Direct link to units located at 1835 Lampman Dr: Click Here

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