Our next public sale (auction) will be held at 10:00 AM Saturday May 19, 2018 at  The Storage Place 5504 King Ave E Billings, MT 59102

Per MCA 70-6-601 thru 609, the following units will be sold for cash to the highest bidder:


  • C070B – 5x5x5 – Christina Boren – suitcase, microwave, misc
  • C006G – 10x20 – Donetta Erickson – 3 bikes, couch set, pedestal washer & dryer, misc household, kid stuff, lawn mower
  • C076A – 5x5x5 – Kamron French – tires, socks, cologne
  • C029G – 10x15 – Herman Horse – furniture, misc household, mattress, kid stuff, hand truck
  • D068A – 5x5x5 – Tres Hunts His Enemy – cooler, diapers, wooden train set
  • B011 – 10x15 – Steve McGarrah – kids toys, games, furniture, misc household, tripod


Bidders must register at the office/gate prior to sale. Winning bidders must pay immediately w/ cash and have 24 hrs to remove items. The Storage Place reserves the right to remove any items/units from sale.

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