Notice of Lien Sale

Per MCA 70-6-601 thru 607, the following units will be sold to the highest bidder at 10:00 AM on March 30, 2019:

  • GC03 10x10 Jessica Cannady - lamps, monitors, clothes, furniture, decor, clothes
  • GC05 10x10 Jessica Cannady - Mattresses, box spring, mirror, shoe boxes
  • B006 10x15 Scott Dedmore - boxes, furniture, stereo, speakers, décor, full unit
  • B044 5x10 Judy Elmore – stroller, lamp, furniture, boxes, misc hshld
  • C012 5x15 Rob Lasson - furniture, bikes, jack, tools, chain saw, tool boxes
  • C059 5x8 Jeremiah Neese - mattress, misc household, vacuum, kids, skateboard
  • B143 10x10 Casey Schuler - wheelbarrow, propane tank, shoes, life jacket, tools, furniture
  • GB02 10x10 Cindy Wegner - totes, boxes, furniture, vacuums, chairs, tools, full unit

Bidding will take place at under Billings, MT. Bidding will be open at least 7 days prior to sale date/time. Bidders must register prior to bidding. The Storage Place reserves the right to remove any items/units from sale. Questions? 206-1637

Direct link to units located at 5504 King Ave E:  Click Here

Direct link to units located at 913 3rd Ave N: Click Here

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