Toy Storage for Winter


October 2nd, 2017

Although Fall has just arrived, as we all know, here in Montana winter weather is just around the corner. Now is a great time to protect your toys and store them for the winter.

At The Storage Place we have many storage unit size options to protect your prized possessions over the inclement months to come.

We can accommodate ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles (both on and off-road) in units as small as 10x10. Sports cars, classic cars, rock crawlers/jeeps and boats, jetskis, rafts etc fit in our 10x20, 10x25 or 10x30 units. For those who adhere to the adage “those who die with the most toys win” we have 20x30 and 20x50 units to accommodate your entire toy collection.

If your toys can stand up to the harsh weather, but you just don't have a good parking spot for them for the winter we also offer outdoor parking spots.

If you run seasonal construction/landscaping businesses we also have units that will accommodate your tools and equipment (ladders/scaffolding, mowers, skidsteers etc) until you need them to go to work in the spring.

Benefits of storing indoors:

  • Tires and other rubber compounds/components and interior upholstry won't be subject to daily solar/uv exposure.
  • Roofs and seals won't be tested by snow and repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Maintain access to check on your toys (no digging them out from under the snow bank when you want to check on them).
  • Free up space in your home garage to park your daily drivers indoors throughout the winter months.
  • Our rental contracts are all month to month-only stay as long as you want or need to.

Tips for winter storing:

  • Stabilize all fuel.
  • Remove your battery and take it home with you. Use a battery tender if possible to prolong the batteries life.
  • Remove any food or attractants from the vehicles to prevent any unwanted insect/critter visits.
  • If storing a motor boat be sure to winterize the engine and drain the bilge prior to storage.
  • Make sure tires are all properly inflated and holding air (it is no fun to try and pump up a flat tire inside a storage unit in the spring).

Come on down to our location at 5504 King Ave E. and we'll help find the perfect unit to keep your toys safe and secure all winter long.

As always, Happy Storing!