Tips on Packing Your Storage Unit


January 23rd, 2017

Packing a storage unit properly is very important but it can be tricky. Maximizing the unit space is key; no reason to pay for extra space if you don't need it. It is also important to put the things you plan on accessing most often closest to the door.Here are some tips to help you pack your storage unit:

  • Since most storage units in Billings, MT are not climate controlled it is a good idea to leave some space between your items and the walls of the unit. This will allow air to circulate better and keep any condensation from reaching your stored items. Also consider plastic sheets or old bed linens to lay over items to prevent dust. Many facilities provide pallets at no charge to store your items off the ground in the off chance a neighboring unit has a spill.
  • If you can, use boxes that are the same size. This will make it easier to pack the unit and it will conserve space as well. Remember; put the heavier ones on the bottom. If possible, try to stack the boxes to the ceiling (also a consideration when renting a unit, many facilities only have 8 ft ceilings, while our 5504 King Ave E facility has 11 ft ceilings in most of the units).
  • If you are lawn mowers, or other small engines remember to winterize them and drain the fuel prior to storage. Also if you are storing a dishwasher/washing machine make sure you have drained all water to prevent breaking of any hoses or lines during freezing temperatures.
  • If you’re storing a refrigerator or freezer, leave the door open. This will prevent mold from building up. Remember, do not store any food in your units as it can attract unwanted pests.
  • Make sure you do not store anything flammable in your storage unit. Many accidents happen because people store gas, oil, or paint thinner in their units.
  • Leave a small walkway in the middle of your unit so you can access your stuff and help with air flow.
  • Try to store your most expensive items in the back of your unit. Although most self storage facilities provide security and you have a lock on your door, you can never be too careful. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If you are wondering what size unit would be the best fit for you, check out we have a nice tool that allows you to type in what you plan on storing and the calculator will suggest which unit is the best for you.Happy Storing!