Back to School; Student Storage Solutions


August 30th, 2017

With Fall's arrival, school is back in session. Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University-Billings students are back in town and arranging their living situations. Whether in dorm rooms or in shared apartments or houses, students often find themselves in a tight (literally) situation. Many dorm rooms and packed apartments do not have extra space to store all the stuff today's college students need. From bikes to skis and other outdoor equipment to seasonal clothing and accessories many items will be left without a place to be stored.

Here are some helpful tips to maximize your storage spaces.

  1. Loft your bed. This will give you room to either store many boxes and additional items that wouldn't traditionally fit under a bed. Some students even put their desks under their beds if they loft them high enough.
  2. Check with your school; they may provide designated storage areas where you can store extra boxes, or equipment.
  3. Coordinate with roommates prior to arriving to make sure you aren't doubling up on items.
  4. Create shelving for closets and along walls.

If all else fails come visit us at The Storage Place. We have units as small as 5ft x 5ft to store your extra gear. We also offer all students a 5% discount each month with valid student ID.

Our 5504 King Avenue East location is 4 miles from Rocky Mountain College and 3.9 miles from MSU-B.
Our 913 3rd Ave North location is 4.3 miles from Rocky Mountain College and 2.5 miles from MSU-B.

Best of luck this school year and as always,

Happy Storing!