5 Quick Tips for Packing Up Your Holiday Decorations


January 11th, 2017

1. Pack Smart-
Protect Fragile Items in protective packaging (think newspaper, bubble wrap, old egg crates or cardboard wine boxes). If you are storing artificial Christmas Trees, try cinching the branches together with bungee cords or old belts and covering with a garbage bad to take up less space in your unit and protect your tree from dust.

2. Consolidate Like Kind Items-
Example: put all wrapping items (paper, ribbons, bows, tags etc) together in one box. This makes packing and labeling much easier.

3. Make a quick map of your storage-
This will help you find what you are looking for in the quickest amount of time, or will allow you to send someone to find what you need if you aren't able to go yourself. You can also take pictures of your unit to help you remember where you put everything.

4. Label, Label, Label.
Nothing is worse than having to open every single box in your unit to find the one item you need. Label all boxes and bags for a quick trip to your unit.

5. Keep your unit organized-
Leave a way to access your items, and plan out which boxes you will need access to next. In the winter, when you return your holiday items bring your spring items to the front so they are ready for your next trip.

Happy Storing!